so what lies ahead

He is finally gone, no more worries, no more staying up at night, wondering where he is, what he is doing, and if he is coming for me. But for how long will that last, how long will he be locked away without the key and without a plan to escape. Eventually it all led to the same question,ā€ so, what lies ahead of what I already know or of what I think I know.ā€™ā€™ Will he figure out a way to escape or will he just sit in silence, behind bars? Hopefully Iā€™m wrong and the officers are right

2 thoughts on “so what lies ahead”

  1. Wow ! What brilliant writing. I was hooked from the first sentence – I had a picture in my head of the person who was hurt and is frightened. It reminded me of an interview I heard last week – the writing is so vivid and true. You have a real talent for writing and I’m looking forward to reading more of your stories!
    Anne Marie
    St Rose’s NS
    Dublin, Ireland

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