week 30

It was a sunny and bright Tuesday afternoon, the package I had received last week was supposed to be mine but apparently my mom ordered something as well; that night I was so excited to finally get the shoes, I didn’t even look at where it was from and who it was for. ‘’when did it arrive?’’ I said

‘’Earlier sometime today for all I know,’’ mom replied.

So I raced into the kitchen, got the scissors, cut the tape, and ripped open the cardboard box to only find the package not for me.

week 27

‘’It is two years today from the incident and hasn’t gotten any easier,’’ stated Rebeca.


May 27, 2013, exactly 2 years earlier…………


Rebecca, John, and Steven were deep into the forest searching for interesting life that they had never seen before.  Suddenly John and Steven ran to what appeared as an empty cave, unfortunately they were wrong. As John and Steven were getting ready to go inside a huge brown bear came out into the open. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, which led to the death of John and Steven Walsh.

week 24 the tea cup

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Valarie, her brother, Johnathan, and her sister, Meghan were outside playing when they suddenly heard what seems to be footsteps, big enormous footsteps like that of a giant, but they knew giants weren’t real. Later that day they heard the same noise again and was now determined to find out what it was. Little did Valarie, Johnathan, and Meghan know that they were about to have the weirdest but most certainly eventful day of their lives. And who knows, what’s thought of as fake may not turn out to be what it seems.

week 20

My mom and I were on our way to the airport when we suddenly realized that if we didn’t go any faster we would miss our flight. This trip was planned months before, that way we could see my brother, he has been in the Air Force now for years and I would finally get to see him after two rough years without him. When my mom looked down at the time and realized the same thing so she picked up speed. We were moving very fast when we could see the airport and realized we would make it.

Week 18

I awoke in a red and pretty spacious recovery room with an imperative injury. Glancing over in the corner I saw the TV on football, and the clock that appeared to read 3:47. As soon as the ball was intercepted the doctors came in my room I presumed that they weren’t all liable for me but turns out they were. They told me that I had got bit by a snake and that the first responders had cycled out to my rescue before I got injured even more. Thankfully, they got there right in time.

week 1

In the beginning, I thought it was the end. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Why, why did it always have to be me.  At least someone was with me because if they weren’t, it wouldn’t have began or what I thought ended the way it did. The scenery looked like a crime scene, no one could even believe their eyes as they drove past. It just wouldn’t end soon enough, it felt like it lasted forever. And no body including me could do anything about it.

week 4 100 word challenge

This specific item is very special to me I take it everywhere I go, and sits beside me charging while I’m asleep. Although it is small it means a lot to me. If it wasn’t for this working device some of my math homework wouldn’t be right, I wouldn’t be able to get in contact with hardly anyone, and would all in all lead to a disaster. I got it for Christmas in a sealed box that had Christmas wrapping paper still attached with a case to come with. Let’s just say…….Best Christmas present ever!

Week 3 Haleys blog

Does anyone else have really weird dreams too? It’s almost 2:00 in 6th period I’d just woken up from a good nap. I woke up to what looked like my class just doing free time which is really unusual because we always end up doing difficult worksheets. But I couldn’t quit thinking about the dream I had just woke up from. I was in a classroom and It seemed like I had a purple crocodile for a professor and he was twisted all in his desk. ‘’Why did I have this dream, guess I’ll never know.’’

haleys blog

All my ideas…..  gone, the lightbulb in my head is out too. Not even the smallest spark of anything. The worst thing about it is, I have 15 minutes left on the timer to do a whole ERQ. Not just the last 2 parts, the organizer and all 4 parts, and I still have no idea or clue of what to do. As you can see we have a situation! I kept rereading the question hoping and praying an idea would appear out of nowhere but it never seemed to work, all it did was confuse me more.


so what lies ahead

He is finally gone, no more worries, no more staying up at night, wondering where he is, what he is doing, and if he is coming for me. But for how long will that last, how long will he be locked away without the key and without a plan to escape. Eventually it all led to the same question,” so, what lies ahead of what I already know or of what I think I know.’’ Will he figure out a way to escape or will he just sit in silence, behind bars? Hopefully I’m wrong and the officers are right